Top DPS?

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Top DPS?

Post by Bear » Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:05 am

OK, everyone has an opinion and that is GREAT! BUT if you really want facts on Single Target DPS then you may want to look into the information that WoW Classic Raiders have been putting together!
Warcraft Logs is a site that Raiding Guilds can actually do ALL of the things that make you squirm. These Weekend Warriors with addons telling that they are parsing you is a JOKE compared to what they do here!
Not only making Raid Attendees lives suck, this site also keeps track of the top DPS, Heals and so on for Raid Encounters.

So next time when some bag of wind is telling you what the classes are doing endgame just smile and check this site.

If you are REALLY serious about parsing this is the place to be!